Philadelphia Fusion to compete in the APAC region for 2021

The North American team will be competing across the Pacific ocean for the 2021 Overwatch League season.

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Due to the pandemic world state we still live in, the Overwatch League recently announced its intention to split the teams between two divisions again, those being North America and APAC (Asia Pacific). While we waited to find out where some of our favourite teams were to compete, we had to become content with the many, many roster changes between teams, however, the Philadelphia Fusion has since revealed where they will play in an announcement over Twitter.

"As we continue to navigate the global pandemic, the Philadelphia Fusion's team operations will temporarily relocate to Seoul, South Korea and will compete against teams in the Pacific Division during the 2021 Overwatch League season."

The post continued saying; "Health and safety remains our top priority in making this transition and we are working closely with the Overwatch League and local health officials to ensure the wellbeing of our players, coaches and staff while in Seoul."

"No matter our physical location, we will continue to work hard to bring a Grand Finals Championship title to our incredible Fusion fans and the City of Brotherly Love."

The Fusion competed in the North American division for the duration of 2020, however certain NA and EU teams such as the New York Excelsior and the London Spitfire both moved over to the APAC region in 2020, begging the question, will they do the same again?

Philadelphia Fusion

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