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Phogs channels Noby Noby Boy and Catdog for inspiration

We had a chat with Coatsink's Jack Sanderson about the fun co-op puzzler.

One of our "indie discoveries" at this year's PAX East was a peculiar co-op puzzle game called Phogs from developer Bit Loom and publisher Coatsink. We caught up with Coatsink's Jack Sanderson to learn more about the game that's been inspired by the work of Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy) and the old Nickelodeon show Catdog.

"Phogs is physics dogs", explains Sanderson. "It is a 3D puzzler game where you play as a duo of dogs and you can stretch your body out, you can grab stuff and you have to work together. You can either play singleplayer using one controller or you can share a controller and play co-op with a friend, or you can grab two controllers and play together."

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Phogs is targeted for release next year on various platforms ("we would love to [bring it] to everything", but specifics are "still in conversation").


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