Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo's roster of creatures to expand with Southeast Asia Animal Pack

The pack includes clouded leopards, Malayan tapirs, and proboscis monkeys.

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Players of Planet Zoo will be pleased to hear that a new animal-focused expansion is debuting in the game later this month. Releasing on March 30, the Southeast Asia Animal Pack introduces more creatures than any DLC release for the game to date and it retails for £7.99 (€9.99).

The animals debuting within the pack include the clouded leopard, sun bear, proboscis monkey, binturong, Malayan tapir, Ussuri dhole, North Sulawesi babirusa and giant Malaysian leaf insect. Alongside their additions, there's also said to be a new new timed scenario based in Perak, Malaysia. This will task the player with rescuing a failing zoo set in a tropical rainforest biome.

You can check out the new trailer for the Southeast Asia Animal Pack below:

Planet Zoo

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