Play Duck Hunt on your TV with Hyperkin's new Zapper

This allows you to play the game on new HDTVs, but you'll need the original game and a classic NES to play it.

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Remember shooting at the TV with Duck Hunt? Those good old times were confined in the past until now, as Hyperkin has revealed that they're releasing the Hyper Blaster HD for new TVs, since the old zappers only work with older models due to how the display handles the incoming signals.

Not much has been said besides that, and we don't have pictures, but we do know that you can play Duck Hunt once more as long as you have the original game and a NES still (might need to dust them off). HDTV compatibility is also promised, and the gun comes with an adapter to allow this.

Before you ask, this doesn't appear to work with the NES Mini, which is a shame considering this is how a lot of newer fans have discovered the NES.

Will you be revisiting Duck Hunt?

Play Duck Hunt on your TV with Hyperkin's new Zapper

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