Fallout 76

Player and legendary vending machines coming to Fallout 76

The new update will introduce player hosted storefronts and new locations to exchange legendary items, along with other fixes.

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A new major update is on the horizon for Fallout 76, and it's coming on May 7. Alongside some general balance tweaks and stability fixes comes new content, including player hosted vending machines. These new, personal machines act as player to player storefronts, allowing you to shift unwanted items, grab rare ones from others, or even turn a profit. Using the famous bottle caps for currency, players can choose their price and try to attract buyers from all reaches of Appalachia.

Legendary exchange machines are also being introduced in the update, which work slightly differently. These machines are not player driven and are being added to get players ready for the future when the Purveyor update will be introduced. As the Purveyor will be a vendor to spend your Legendary Scrip on Legendary items, the exchange machines coming in this update will provide players with an opportunity to swap out existing, unwanted items for the new currency.

Alongside these two major changes to the game's economy, come a number of smaller tweaks and fixes. Survival scoreboards are being updated to better display the community's favourite stats and weapon adjustments are being made for better overall balance. Display cases to show off your gear, along with the aforementioned Purveyor vendor are both arriving in a later update. The full patch notes for "Patch 9" will release alongside the update, on May 7.

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Fallout 76

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