Players can expect Gylt to evolve with time

Players can expect Gylt to evolve with time

We sat down with Tequila Works' CEO Raúl Rubio at Fun & Serious in Bilbao to talk about Gylt, Stadia and what's to come for the studio.

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The Fun & Serious festival in Bilbao, Spain has officially concluded and we were on location to talk to the people behind the games displayed at the event. One of the people we got the chance to interview was Gylt developer Tequila Works CEO Raúl Rubio.

Gylt, as many of you most likely know by now, was the only launch title for Google's streaming-based platform Stadia and we spoke to Rubio about his thoughts on the platform and on Gylt as a launch title. When asked about the development of Gylt for the Stadia, Rubio stated that the development was the smoothest production of his career, laughing before adding that him not being the director was one of the reasons for this.

"The reception has been very good. In general, the reviews have been very positive. There have been a few mixed ones. The problem with releasing on not just a new platform but for new technology is that people usually tend to mix up the game itself with the technology or even the business model, but we focused on the ones that were really about Gylt and we are very proud."

The team learned that keeping a steady frame rate in Gylt was crucial, especially since it was being developed for a streaming-based platform. Rubio explained:

"If you start developing for a network, for streaming, the thing is that you can control everything that happens in your local hub, but then the network, the 'internets' is out of your control."

"Basically, developing a very solid pipeline, ensuring that all of the game was 60fps and had the required resolution was a huge challenge. In our case, being a single-player narrative-driven adventure helped a lot. I can tell you, it's not easy."

When asked about whether Gylt will be continually updated with content, Rubio stated: "People these days expect that games are not just set like movies, but more like a series, a service that evolves with time. Those are the kind of features that you can expect. Stadia are trying to shorten the bridges between the passive audience and the active users, making these communities part of the game, so maybe something in that direction".

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