Players will earn $50,000 USD a year in the Overwatch League

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This month we learned details of the first seven Overwatch League owners, and now Blizzard themselves have announced some more details on the league, specifically regarding players signings and salaries.

Blizzard firstly revealed that they had compiled a scouting report based on stats from the world's top players, which should help team owners assemble their rosters, both in terms of proven talents in the esports scene as well as those who are doing well on the leaderboards.

They then go on to detail what will happen just before the league starts. All Overwatch players in the world are considered potential free agents, and players associated with established teams aren't automatically signed to those rosters, with players only being considered members o the league when they sign a Player Agreement with a team of their choice.

The signing process will take place between August 1 to October 30, and all teams will be able to sign contracts in this time, regardless of when they themselves join the league. This system will only be in place for the first season, however, and in future seasons the pre-season signing process will be updated.

Blizzard also details the benefits of playing in the league, as teams will sign one-year guaranteed contracts, will options to extend that; the minimum salary will be $50,000 USD a year; teams will provide health insurance and a retirement savings plan; and teams will distribute at least 50% off team performance bonuses to players, such as money from winning playoffs. The total bonuses available for the teams in the first season will amount to $3.5 million, with a minimum of $1 million going to the champion.

Some important rules are also outlined in the announcement too. Each team roster, for example, must have six players as a minimum, but no more than 12, and there's no region locking for players either. Teams will also have to provide players housing a practice facilities, which must meet standards set by the league too.

The announcement was rounded off with the reveal that the league will launch later this year, and that more information will be revealed in the coming months.

Photo: Blizzard

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