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Players will have a chance to catch shiny Celebi in Pokémon Go starting next week

The mythical Pokémon is coming to the mobile game for a limited time only.

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From Monday, December 14, Pokémon Go players will have a chance to catch a shiny version of Gen 2 mythical Pokémon Celebi. Shiny Celebi will be available as part of a new line of research and will only be available for a limited time. Its appearance in the game is to coincide with the release of Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.

In the new Special Research, it will be Team Rocket's Jessie and James that will be offering you guidance (a strange twist of events indeed). This evil pair will also be returning to their Meowth balloon for a limited period and will be equipped with new Shadow Pokémon. There will also be new avatar items that you'll be able to get your hands on that are inspired by Jessie and James' appearance within the upcoming film.

You can read the full details on the forthcoming update here.

Pokémon Go

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