PlayStation Classic uses PCSX emulator

The open-source emulator is credited among software licenses for the machine.

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Console hardware manufacturers have always had a fight with emulators that could run games outside their own machines, and this has been especially true for veteran Japanese console companies such as Sony and Nintendo. Time brings change though, and almost 20 years after suing emulator creators or purchasing them to bring emulation to an end, Sony is using an open-source emulation software within its latest hardware release.

We're talking about the PlayStation Classic, which as it turns out is using popular open-source PCSX ReARMed emulator to run classics on the tiny system, and in a pretty decent way we must add.

As pointed out by Game History Org's Frank Cifaldi, the company decided to use an already-existing, free, and open-source license code - which has been polished and improved over the years - for the PlayStation Classic mini-console, instead of developing software on their own from scratch.

It's of course a testament to how good open-source development can get, and perhaps to how antiquated traditional anti-emulator policies may look nowadays. But what do you think about emulation and about how legacy games perform on the PS Classic?

PlayStation Classic uses PCSX emulator

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