51 Worldwide Games

Plenty of Nintendo love in Clubhouse: 51 Worldwide Games

Nintendo's board game collection Clubhouse: 51 Worldwide Games includes some Nintendo games of old.

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Earlier this spring, Nintendo announced a game called Clubhouse: 51 Worldwide Games. The title pretty much explains what it is all about - 51 classic board games from around the world, now available on a single and very convenient cartridge.

While that seems nice enough, Nintendo also has a few surprises up its sleeve, as the company has added a few things for its fans. First of all, Hanafuda is one of the games included. This Japanese game isn't very well known in the west, but Nintendo was actually founded back in 1889 as a maker of Hanafuda cards.

But wait - there's more. Several of the games available seem to have Nintendo cosmetics added. This was revealed by Nintendo in a 15 second long teaser on Twitter where we could see some of the cosmetic components.

51 Worldwide Games

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