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Pokémon Go helps battle the spread of COVID-19

For the first time, the community is being rewarded for staying at home.

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Niantic has taken it upon itself to try and assist in the containment of COVID-19. A number of temporary measures have been implemented within the game to discourage social meetings and large group gatherings.

The first big set back is the March Community Day has been delayed indefinitely. During Community Days you normally see large groups of people across the globe meeting to take on Raid battles and also going around hunting shinies together. So with the new advice telling everyone to avoid group gatherings, delaying this event could help.

Also, Niantic has made it easier than ever to hatch eggs, by reducing the distance they take to hatch. PokeStops will now be offering more rewards per visit, and there will be an increase in Pokémon spawn rates. All of these changes mean that players can still get fun out of the game without the need for travelling too far and risking exposure.

Additionally, if you head to the in-game store you will be able to pick up an exclusive pack of 30 Incense for 1 PokeCoin. Incense is a type of lure that will attract Pokémon to your area without having to leave your home of venture too far.

It is nice to see companies taking it upon themselves to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and we hope to see more companies follow Niantics lead.

Pokémon Go

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