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Pokémon Go is getting a ton of new events this February

Trainers can look forward to several new legendary Pokémon showing up along with celebrations galore.

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Clear your February calendars and start noting dates down, trainers, because this month will be extremely busy with Niantic announcing a whole lot of events for Pokémon Go players to get excited about and keep them walking around for ages on end.

The highlights include new shadow legendary Pokémon, new normal legendary Pokémon, and several big celebrations, but we've gone ahead and figured out absolutely everything you can look forward to in order.

First up is the research breakthrough event which follows on from the Mincchino research day last weekend and is taking place across the entire month. This one specifically focuses on the debut for Woobat because of its adorable heart-shaped nose.

Afterwards are the newest and most mysterious events of the lot, which are called Pokémon Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour. The spotlight hour will be happening later today at 6 pm GMT with a surprise Pokémon popping up more frequently for just one hour. The Mystery Bonus hour will happen two days later on February 6 at the same time, which as the name neatly implies will give you an unknown bonus.

Also starting this evening are new 5 star raids featuring the legendary weather Pokémon Tornadus, if you feel like blowing the competition away in style. If just having the debut of one legendary Pokémon isn't enough, however, then you'll want to stay on top of your Team Go Rocket Special Research to save Shadow Raikou by defeating more of their members, leaders and Giovanni himself at random Pokéstops throughout the whole month

The biggest and most exciting events by far are the celebrations. First up is the Sinnoh region, kicking off at 8 am GMT on February 7 and ending at 10 pm GMT a few days later on February 10, which will have Pokémon introduced in the fourth generation appear more frequently in the wild. Special research events will also give you encounters with these Pokémon along with the vital Sinnoh stones needed for evolution, but the really exciting stuff comes from the 7km eggs. You'll have to do a ton of walking, but you could be able to hatch either Budew, Bronzor, Combee, Gible, Hippopotas, Mantyke and Riolu from them. If you're really lucky, however, you'll get a shiny Hippopotas or Riolu which is absolutely worth every single step you'll take to get it.

That doesn't compare to the upcoming annual Valentine's celebration though, which will run from February 14 at 8 am GMT to February 17 at 10 pm GMT. On top of having pink Pokémon pop up everywhere from the wild to eggs, raids and research tasks, you'll also be able to finally catch Audino and Alomomola; two Pokémon from the Unova region that hadn't been available yet.

On top of all that there'll be a very slim chance to hatch a shiny Happiny or catch a shiny Chansey as well if you want to terrorise your local gym. You'll want to make use of your lure modules for all of this, which will last twice as long during the event with double the candy received to boot. That's not all though, since there'll also be a special raid day on February 15 between 2 pm and 5 pm GMT with a chance to catch Lickitung if you're up for it.

Last but not least is a special friendship weekend event from February 21 at 8 am GMT to February 24 at 10 pm GMT if celebrating your romance wasn't enough. During this time you'll want to send as many gifts as possible since you'll be able to carry up to 20 of them and you can open up to 40 of them a day. Friendship levels will increase at a faster rate as well, on top of trading benefits like half the stardust cost and twice the amount of trade candy.

Still not enough for you? Because if so there's also the community day on February 22, co-starring Rhyhorn after it won the vote which means you can finally get a shiny one, along with the exclusive move Rock Wrecker if you evolve them into Rhydon. This will take place between 11 am and 2 pm GMT in the northern hemisphere, overlapping with the friendship weekend event.

And that's pretty much it! Will you be joining in with all the different celebrations?

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