Pokémon Black/White 2

Pokémon pre-order incentive

Special offer for Black/White 2.

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Nintendo has announced a pre-order incentive for gamers who reserve themselves a copy of the imminent and anticipated Pokémon Black/White 2.

Early birds will be able to receive the mythical Pokémon Genesect via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and it'll be available to download for a short time after launch (from October 12 to November 12).

Genesect, the newly discovered Mythical Pokémon, has been restored from a 300 million year old fossil. Modified by Team Plasma, this Pokémon has a fearsome signature move called Techno Blast. Genesect is the only known Pokémon with this move. Genesect is a Bug and Steel-Type Pokémon with the ability to adjust its power levels based on the foe it's battling.

Pokémon Black/White 2


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