Pokémon Sun/Moon

Pokémon Sun/Moon beaten using only a Magikarp

Because why not?

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One Twitter user by the name of Nakano has claimed to have beaten Pokémon Sun/Moon using nothing but a Magikarp, something that has caused understandable scepticism online.

Rocket News, however, has jumped to Nakano's defence to explain how it can be done. With enough healing items, you can just keep taking hits as Magikarp until the opponent runs out of PP, at which point they use Struggle, damaging themselves as well as you. When facing Ghost pokémon, Magikarp itself could use Struggle to claim victory.

If the story is true, Nakano must be very patient. Would you do this to beat Pokémon Sun/Moon using a Magikarp?

Pokémon Sun/Moon

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