Pokkén Tournament DX

Pokkén Tournament DX gets Championship Series

Three qualifying events could take you all the way to the top, although a Last Chance Qualifier is also available.

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Nintendo has just revealed that we're getting a Pokkén Tournament Championship Series this year for Pokkén Tournament DX, representing an increased push by the Japanese company into the esports space.

Players have three qualifying events to enter for the chance to earn a trip to the World Championships in Washington, DC, and there will also be a Last Chance Qualifier at the Pokémon World Championships too. At the final we'll see competitors fight it out for $20,000 USD, with the tournament format for the whole thing being double-elimination. What's more is that there will be a Team Battle format as well, with each player choosing a team of three Pokémon and aiming to knock out all three of their opponent's.

Two age divisions will be available, with the Masters Division for those born in 2003 or earlier, and the Senior Division for those born in 2004 or later. Space is limited at the last chance qualifier though, so players in both divisions will have to make sure they're within the maximum of 256 competitors in each.

16 Masters Division and eight Senior Division players will go to the World Championships, with the breakdown as follows:

Two Masters and one Senior from Oceania Internationals
Four Masters and two Seniors from the Europe International Championships
Four Masters and two Seniors from North America International Championships

2018 Pokkén Tournament World Champion Jacob 'ThankSwalot' Waller automatically qualifies, and the rest of the invitations will go to Japanese players and those successful in the Last Chance Qualifier.

You'll need to use a Hori wired controller for Pokkén in this series, with no Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers allowed, and for the finer details on the tournament check out the link above. This includes schedule, rules and regulations, and more.

Will you compete?

Pokkén Tournament DX

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