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Predator movie Prey to release this August

It'll come to the UK via Disney+.

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20th Century Fox has officially slapped a release date on the upcoming Predator movie known as Prey. Set to arrive on August 5, the movie is set to stream in the US on Hulu, meaning it will become available in countries without the streaming service, like the UK, on Disney+ instead.

Set to be based around a young Comanche hunter called Naru and set around 300 years ago, the movie sees Naru having to face off with a Predator, which has been hunting and threatening her camp and the people that live there. It's pretty much the same plot as any Predator movie beforehand, but Prey is trading machine guns for bows and arrows this time around.

To get an idea as to what the movie will be about, be sure to take a look at the trailer for Prey below, ahead of its launch date this August.

Predator movie Prey to release this August

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