Street Fighter V

Problem X wins the Capcom Pro Tour EU Regional Final

He takes home $12,000 USD for his troubles.

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Yesterday saw the Capcom Pro Tour European Regional Final competition for Street Fighter V take place at Milan Games Week, and it was to be Problem X who took home the trophy, beating Phenom 3-1 in the grand final to earn the title.

The win, which saw him as M. Bison face off against Phenom's Necalli, earns him $12,000 USD too, not to mention automatic berth into the Pro Tour's Capcom Cup, with $250,000 at stake. This was his fifth Pro Tour win this season, as reported by The Dot Esports, so he's definitely one to keep watching.

You can watch Problem X's win in the grand final right here. How well can he do moving forward?

Street Fighter V

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