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Pokémon Unite

Producer teases potential Pokémon Unite World Championships

Masaaki Hoshino stated that he would be interested in holding a World Championship like Pokken Tournament.

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A producer working on Pokémon Unite has teased that the MOBA could possibly spawn into an esport providing that there is a passionate community to support it.

Masaaki Hoshino stated in an interview with Dime: "There will be no esports focus initially but the game could become an established esports if the player base takes it in that direction. Would be interested in doing world championships like with Pokken Tournament." This was translated by industry insider, Daniel Ahmad.

Seeing the Pokémon franchise yet again delve into the world of esports is, of course, exciting but it seems that Unite has a lot of work in winning over the heart's of fans. The title didn't receive the warmest of receptions when it was unveiled last month as fans felt misled with it being teased as a major Pokémon announcement. Only time will tell if perceptions will change once Unite is out in the wild and players get their hands on it.

Thanks, Dexerto.

Pokémon Unite

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