Project CARS

Project Cars - new gameplay video and screens

We take the latest work in progress out for a spin.

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Project Cars has went through a few upgrades since a preview build was released in January, so we figured it high time to get behind the wheel again with our capture cards and take the latest version out for a spin.

Amongst other things you'll note the new, ultra-modern menu system, which clearly divides up the game's different modes, as well as the online multiplayer community. Cars have been tuned further, and with licences now acquired, some of the tracks have renamed - Northampton is finally Silverstone, for example.

The attached video sees us driving the small yet powerful Ariel Atom 500 V8. The video and screens are all captured on a PC at 1080p, on Ultra settings.

Project CARSProject CARS
Project CARSProject CARS
Project CARSProject CARS
Project CARSProject CARS

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