PS5: Sony plans 40-minute next-gen showcase for Wednesday

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After Microsoft spilled the beans about the pricing and launch date of the Xbox Series S/X last week, many people wondered how and when Sony would react to this latest turn of events.

The answer: next week in a digital showcase with a 40-minute runtime, which is scheduled to take place next Wednesday, September 16, at 21:00 BST / 22:00 CEST, on Twitch and YouTube.

At that time, the platform holder will give us another look at some of the games that will be available for PlayStation 5, once the system launches at the end of the year.

This digital event will contain news about first-party productions being developed at some of Sony's Worldwide Studios, as well as some high-profile projects being crafted by Sony's partners.

It is not yet known whether a price for the console will be announced or not, but given Microsoft's move last week, we'd be surprised if Sony didn't have something to share on that front.

PS5: Sony plans 40-minute next-gen showcase for Wednesday

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