PSN ID username change closer than ever

Sony's own survey suggests the feature is already in the works.

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"Being able to change PSN user name", is probably very close to the top of the list of requested features by PlayStation Network users. It's popped again and again in the last couple of years, and even Sony execs addressed those requests to calm down the community. But now they seem to finally be working on a solution.

According to an official survey aimed at that community (and via Pushsquare), the company is directly asking gamers whether they're interested in the feature or not, making clear they're trying to measure the actual interest on the possibility. Sony even admits they're "exploring the possibility of adding a feature to PSN that let users change their ID".

Another story is how it'd work, as some services charge for similar features, while Sony might be looking at a no-charge initiative, but limiting the renames to a couple a year.

Are you happy with your PSN username? Or would you like to leave your old nick behind?

PSN ID username change closer than ever

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