Rocket League

Psyonix spending $2.5 million US dollars on esports

This will be split between many initiatives.

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Psyonix has revealed their plans for esports moving forward, these plans coming only a short period of time after season 3 of the RLCS was announced.

They started the announcement by outlining their philosophy for Rocket League: "We believe that Rocket League is a game and esport where everyone can compete, everyone can progress, and everyone can enjoy. It was with that in mind that we started to evaluate the best way we could invest in esports with the funds earned through our community-funded 'Crates and Keys' pool."

"We quickly realised that we needed to take a different approach when it came to our esports program, and while conventional wisdom normally dictates that we just drop additional loot on top of the existing RLCS prize pool, we wanted to do something more. A community-funded prize pool should benefit the ENTIRE community -- whether it means a group of friends competing over the weekend or the absolute best in the world vying for the RLCS World Championship."

The steps they're taking in 2017, then, involve investing $2.5 million US dollars into esports for the game, and the changes being made with this investment include over $1 million in prize pools, bigger appearances at competitive gaming festivals, onsite events for conventions like PAX, funding for community tournaments, expanded tournament support each week for many regions, a collegiate esports program, tournaments for Xbox, a weekly talk show for the RLCS, a new esports hub on the website, charity tournaments, and in-game esports features.

As extensive as this is, they say this is just a preview and that more information will be made available soon. Do you think Rocket League can be a mainstay in the esports scene with this commitment moving forward?

Rocket League
Photo: Psyonix

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