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PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 teams announced

The event will feature 24 teams competing for a piece of a $2 million prize pool.

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The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 has announced the teams that are to compete in this year's event. Featuring 24 total rosters across 11 qualifying regions or tournaments, the event is set to be a big one. The teams are as follows.

PUBG Mobile World League East - Bigetron Red Aliens

PUBG Mobile World League West - Futbolist

PUBG Mobile Pro League South-East Asia - Aerowolf LIMAX, Secret Jin, RRQ Athena, POWER888 KPS and Team Secret.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas - Loops Esports, The Unnamed, Execute eSports and A7 eSports.

Europe, Middle-East and African League - Natus Vincere, Klas Digital Athletics, GODSENT and Konina Power.

PUBG Mobile League South Asia - Abrupt Slayers, DRS Gaming and A1 eSports.

PEL 2020 Championship Points - NOVA XQF and Four Angry Men.

Street Challenge Second Half - Archer Gaming

PUBG Mobile Japan League - BLUE BEES

PMCO Wildcard Finals - Z3US eSports

Host Country Invitation - Elites United Team

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 will kick-off later today, running all the way into January 2021. The event will be split into two parts, the league stage that will last between November 24 - December 20, with the second portion taking place afterwards. Considering this tournament features a hefty $2 million prize pool, you don't want to miss the action, so be sure to check out the start of the event later today, right here.

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