PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG to get new anti-cheating system

For now devs are trying to improve online performance by tweaking some aspects with a new patch.

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The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' dev team has told its millions of players that they're "always working towards optimizing our gameplay environment" via a new community update which, at the same time, explains the changes introduced with the latest patch.

The main gameplay tweak is the introduction of new starting areas for the two available maps so far to try and improve performance on both servers and client. Besides, the post underlines the removal of weapons on the starting island pre-match. In terms of bug-fixing, the ridiculous move by which "players were able to slide-jump from prone" has been removed.

However, given recent bans, a big part of the community might be more interested in the new anti-cheating measures. The studio explains they're about to test a new security system, which may cause some incompatibility issues on PC, and even game crashes. There's no word yet on when will this system be ready and patched into the ongoing game.

Did you slide-jump from prone on PUBG? Leave a comment below.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Some of the tweaks affect "visible distance while the character is in the air".

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