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PUBG's Update 8.2 set to drop in just over a week

The latest additions to the game have been detailed ahead of the upcoming content drop.

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There are new items and various gameplay tweaks being added to PUBG in the coming days, with Update 8.2 hitting test servers on August 12 before landing on general servers a week later.

In terms of what's being added, players will be able to grab the new MG3 Light Machine Gun, which boasts a ferocious rate of fire, and there's a new Decoy Grenade that sounds like gunfire when you throw it making it a great tool for confusing your opponents (although that one's only available on Sanhok in standard games and it's going to be a rare item).

Beyond that, there is a wealth of changes coming to the game, too many to reasonably list here, but you can read all about the remodelled weapons, map additions, and UI tweaks in the patch notes right here.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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