Street Fighter V

Punk adds to trophy collection at DreamHack Austin

The Street Fighter V pro is on an incredible run of form.

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Just under a month ago, Victor "Punk" Woodley won his first ever Capcom Pro Tour event while representing Panda Global, beating ChrisG in the final of West Coast Warzone, and now he's done it all again at DreamHack Austin, even after being knocked down to the losers' bracket. He hit a roadblock in pool play when he lost to eventual 9th place finisher "CJ Truth", but went on to take down huge Street Fighter names such as "XiaoHai", "Snake Eyez" and Justin Wong, beating all these top players with a combined score of 18-1.

"I certainly can't think of any road that has been harder," said commentator David "Ultradavid" Graham after the event, "[...] and he did it in insane 3-0, 3-0, 2-0, 2-0 [fashion.]"

The Grand Final against Haitnai Tatsuya was something else though. He won the first set 3-1 to force a bracket reset, then won the second set 3-2, with the final round seeing the commentators go absolutely crazy as both players failed to combo into their Critical Art moves, and Punk was at just a shred of health as he delivered the final blow. You can watch these final moments here.

Will Punk continue his dominance throughout 2017, or has he already peaked? Let us know what you think down below.

Street Fighter V
Photo: DreamHack

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