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Puzzle & Dragons Gold

Puzzle & Dragons Gold won't release in Europe, new "worldwide" PAD planned

The Puzzle & Dragons TV animation series didn't air in Europe after all...

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Yours truly was completely hooked to Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition when it released five years ago on the Nintendo 3DS. Some other console fans who haven't played PAD on mobile might have been looking forward to Puzzle & Dragons Gold, the latest iteration of the series, which was released for the Japanese and American Nintendo Switch. But, what about Europe? That's what we asked GungHo Online Entertainment's CEO & president in the interview below.


"For Puzzle & Dragons Gold, unfortunately, it will not be coming out in Europe", Kazuki Morishita confirms to Gamereactor. "However, we're still thinking of creating a Puzzle & Dragons based on console, which [will be] available worldwide, so that's our current plan. I can't really say about the timing for the other Puzzle & Dragons we're talking about right now, but here's an insight though, because Gold was based on the TV animation series, and because that TV animation series was not aired in Europe, that's one of the reasons why we couldn't put it out for Europe. For the new title we would like to do it worldwide, of course for Puzzle & Dragons and we'd like to do it for any other franchises as well".

Effectively, PAD Gold was based on the anime which, at the same time, was based on the Japanese titles Puzzle & Dragons X: Gods Chapter and Dragons Chapter for the Nintendo 3DS.

How do you want the new Puzzle & Dragons to be? Would you like to play it on the Switch?

Puzzle & Dragons Gold

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