Quantum Suicide

Quantum Suicide mixes batsu punishment games and romance

This visual novel sees you play a game each week on a spaceship with finite resources, so you can determine who dies.

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Quantum Suicide is a very interesting title by name, and at TGS this year we spoke with Cotton Candy Cyanide's founder and creative director Tina Howard about the project, which sounds a little like Danganronpa in theory.

"Quantum Suicide is a Japanese-style visual novel game that mixes batsu games - so punishment - and romance," she explained.

"You choose to play as a boy or a girl and you're on a spaceship, and that spaceship has a certain amount of resources that have been lost in an accident, so now the AI system is like 'well now we don't have enough for the people', so she makes you play a game every week against the other crew members to determine a loser, and that loser is executed."

We're also told that the romance comes into play as your courting options can influence how likely people are to kill you.

Are you intrigued by this idea?

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