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Rainbow Six: Extraction
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Rainbow Six: Extraction will launch this September

We also got a reveal and a deep dive trailer.

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Ubisoft has just given us the first glimpse at its upcoming cooperative shooter set in the Rainbow Six universe at the Ubisoft Forward event at E3 2021. Known as Rainbow Six: Extraction, the game will take operators from Rainbow Six: Siege and pit them against a seemingly alien biological life form that is consuming the world. Through teamwork and stealthy strategic gameplay, operators will have to eliminate the hostile lifeforms to complete a variety of objectives in an effort to fight back against the growing living nightmare.

As for when we'll be able to get our hands-on this new experience, that uses the same engine and mechanics as Rainbow Six Siege, the reveal trailer (which you can see below) has stated that the game will in fact be arriving on September 16 on PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles.

You can also catch the deep dive trailer below, which shows a deeper look into the game, or check out our preview over here.

Rainbow Six: Extraction

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