Rainbow Six: Extraction

Rainbow Six: Quarantine expected by April 2020

Ubisoft confirms the likely release window during latest investor's call.

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Rainbow Six: Quarantine was announced earlier this year at E3, with the new standalone R6 title is looking to expand on the success of a time-limited event from 2018 called Outbreak. Since that first, ahem, outbreak of content in Siege, Ubisoft has been tinkering away, adjusting the threat (aliens are now zombie-like critters) and expanding on the premise with new features that build upon the core experience from last year.

The publisher is set to publish Quarantine early next year if everything goes according to plan, with Ubisoft confirming as much in a recent investor's call (via Game Informer). Apparently, the game is going to land before the end of this fiscal year, which means we can expect to face tactical battles with infected beasties before the start of April of next year.

It's shaping up to be a busy early 2020 for Ubisoft, with new project Gods & Monsters set to land on February 25, which will be followed shortly thereafter by Watch Dogs Legion on March 6. Throw in the potential launch of Quarantine and you've got a trio of distinct, high profile games that should see the company starting next year with a bang.


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