Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is free to play this weekend

Starting tomorrow, Ubisoft's team shooter Rainbow Six: Siege is free for all to try via the Uplay store, PSN store and Xbox store.

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Ubisoft's popular team-based tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege is still going strong after having been on the market since 2015, constantly being updated with new and revamped content and new operators. Essentially, if you have yet to play the game, there's plenty of content awaiting you and you can experience it all for free starting tomorrow.

Ubisoft recently revealed a free weekend which will be held from June 11 until June 15 and to access it, you simply have to download the official Uplay launcher and access it through the store if you're on PC. Console players can do the same via the PSN store (via the demo button) on PS4 and via the Games with Gold tab on Xbox One.

The summer sale is also live and it will be when the free weekend ends, so if you want to keep playing, you'll be able to get the game for cheap (as of writing, the deluxe edition is sold at a 67% discount while the base game is sold at a 60% discount

Rainbow Six: Siege

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