Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's Rick and Morty cosmetics are available today

There are two bundles, each of which cost 2160 R6 Credits.

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Ubisoft has announced that the Rainbow Six: Siege Rick and Morty cosmetic bundles will be available in the live game today. The bundles, which are bringing cosmetics for Sledge and Smoke, will both cost 2160 R6 Credits, and marks the continuation of the exclusive bundles coming in Year 6.

The Sledge bundle will include the Gromflonite uniform and headgear, the Federation Defense attachment and weapon skin for Sledge's M590A1, and the Seal Team Rick Charm.

The Smoke bundle on the other hand, will include the Pickle Rick Rat Suit and headgear, Portal Gun attachment and weapon skin, and the Pickle Rick Charm.

As mentioned above, both bundles are available to buy in the game today, and can be grabbed on any platform that Rainbow Six Siege is available on. Take a look at the skins below.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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