Robinson: The Journey

Raise a dinosaur in Robinson: The Journey

The AI unit HIGS won't be your only companion in this new world.

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We've already heard how Crytek is focusing on immersion and minor details in Robinson: The Journey. Today, though, it's time learn how important variety is to this interesting exploration title.

In the latest developer diary they talk about how they wanted to fill the world with a huge variety of creatures - some big, some small, some harmless, some... not so harmless. This includes your companions too. The AI unit HIGS has already been shown on multiple occasions, but now we're introduced to a baby T-Rex called Laika. HIGS has something of a "two's company" attitude, but come on: we get to put a baseball cap on a baby dinosaur's head!

Robinson: The Journey is set to launch on PlayStation 4 on November 9. If you could choose between a floating robot or a baby T-Rex, what would you choose?

Robinson: The Journey

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