Sea of Thieves

Rare outlines content plans for Sea of Thieves

Timed weekly updates to drop around major events, the first lands next month.

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Executive producer Joe Neate and design director Mike Chapman got together and filmed the attached update where the pair outline Rare's plans for Sea of Thieves.

Sections of the community complained about the content included in Sea of Thieves at launch, and now the studio has countered that with an extensive schedule of content that should keep players busy for months.

Weekly events are set to give pirates new challenges and rewards, but they'll be landing alongside major content updates, the first of which is The Hungering Deep - a new AI threat to Sea of Thieves that's coming in May along with a new item that has been designed to bring crews together.

The timed event will be teased beforehand, and after the event everything will stay in the world, becoming an established feature (crews will have to uncover it, apparently). The new equipment and AI threat will give us new things to achieve and unlock, we're told.

Then, following The Hungering Deep, Rare is going to transition into their weekly events strategy, which will be built around making smaller content changes and quality of life improvements. Examples mentioned by Neates and Chapman include hidden treasure events where NPCs send you out on fetch quests and underwater areas like reefs that will apparently come into play more.

Sea of Thieves

Another new mechanic on the horizon is "cursed cannonballs", which certainly sound like they will spice up PvP battles, and the studio is also working on "skeleton thrones", which are going to be found in hard to reach places, with players getting rewards for finding them. These weekly updates will include a mix of tools, rewards, and challenges, and will build up to the major content drops.

Speaking of which, Rare mentioned two more major updates coming in the summer. Cursed Sails is going to add another AI threat, one that's "quite different" from whatever we find in THD. We're also going to get a third ship type, which will offer a new way of crews of different sizes to play via new mechanics and features.

Finally, the pair teased another summer event called Forsaken Shores. The title alludes to what's in store, although they didn't go into too much detail. What we know right now is that there's going to be a new area to explore, a new type of adventure, and another new AI threat themed to that part of the world.

Three more updates are planned to drop throughout the autumn and winter, with weekly events/updates part of the studio's ongoing plan. According to Rare, players can expect a mix of community-requested content as well as additions that they hope will surprise you.

If concrete details aren't enough for you, we've been doing some speculating of our own, and you can read our thoughts on the future of Sea of Thieves by dropping anchor here.


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