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Halo Infinite

Razer and Xbox collaborating on Halo-themed release

Peripheral giant Razer and Xbox have teased a collaborative release with a Halo Infinite focus set for this year.

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It's not the first time we've seen game-themed Xbox units or controllers from Microsoft and it's not the first time Razer has released game-themed peripherals with and for other industry giants. Hell, it's not even the first time Xbox and Razer have collaborated on such a release, but we're talking about the much-anticipated Halo Infinite here, and Razer has something in the works with Xbox for the game as revealed by Xbox on social media.

While the only thing we know for sure regarding the collaboration is that it's set to release this year, presumably closer to the release of the game, but if we take a look at previous collaborations between the two parties, we're sure to see some stellar peripherals headed our way in the near future. By looking at the Gears 5 collaborative release, which was on the high-end side of the peripheral spectrum, offering the Razer Turret and Razer Thresher with some Gears 5 flair while also bridging the PC vs console gap due to the products offered. The mentioned collaboration was mostly to the joy of fans looking for high-quality gear, we could potentially be seeing a similar collection with a Halo Infinite theme.

What would you look for when choosing a Halo-themed peripheral? Would you prefer a PC-focused Razer Turret or perhaps a Razer Wolverine Ultimate? let us know below.

Halo Infinite

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