Diablo II

Read the pitch for the original Diablo

Check out the origins of Blizzard's iconic action-RPG series.

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Want to know how the original Diablo was born? Well, now you can find out because David Brevik, one of the co-founders of Blizzard North and the game's chief architect, has uploaded the original pitch document to the interwebz. The relatively short document explains the core game design, how the action-RPG will play, the concept behind the story, and the marketing and development ideas of Condor Inc. (the company pitching the idea). Interestingly, the studio gave themselves twelve months to fully develop the game from scratch.

Diablo was originally released on PC at the very end of 1996, before following to PSOne in 1998. The most recent iteration of the series, Diablo III, landed in 2012. Blizzard has actually started hiring again, leading some to believe that the next entry in the series has now gone into the early stages of development. If this is the case, you can bet that the new design document will be slightly longer than the one Brevik just released.

Diablo II

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