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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Reason Gaming's provisional ban lifted by the ESIC

Statement confirms the team is in the clear.

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The Esport Integrity Commission has lifted its provisional ban on Reason Gaming, clearing the team after it was alleged that they had thrown a Counter-Strike match against Radix Esports in the ESL Premiership.

Esports Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith made the following statement when clearing the team of wrongdoing after it was suggested they had lost on purpose so they could face a different team in the Premiership finals at this year's EGX.

"ESIC would not usually comment on investigations, but, in this case, unfortunately, details were put into the public domain and, in the interests of natural justice and protecting the reputations of those involved, it is only right that we clarify what has happened.

"Preliminary evidence justified provisional suspension given the stage of the Premiership that had been reached and the time pressures involved. These pressures also prompted us to expedite the further investigation of the allegations, which we did as quickly as possible.

"The result of those further investigations is that we are satisfied that underperformance by the Reason Gaming team in their match against Radix was not deliberate as originally alleged. Consequently, we have lifted the suspension at the earliest opportunity."

Having both been cleared, Reason Gaming and Radix are both set to compete at the ESL Premiership Finals this weekend.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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