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Recore's new corebot and content leaked

It seems we may be getting a definitive edition.

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Some retailers suggested that Microsoft was giving a second chance to Recore, the action platformer created by Armature Studios and Keiji Inafune's Comcept exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, and now Indian Noob is claiming that the Definitive Edition is coming out in a couple of weeks with more content and a lot of improvements.

According to their report the world map will be extended with a new area, "Eye of Obsidian", thanks to the abilities of a new corebot called T8NK, shown for the first time in three shapes by Indian Noob. Furthermore, Armature Studios has also been working on the tech side of the game to solve many of the issues that lowered the score of the game. Recore: Definitive Edition will feature HDR and high resolution graphics, something that old players should expect as an update.

Microsoft remains tight-lipped, but the site says that Recore is being reprinted and coming out in just a couple of weeks. Are you a fan of Recore?


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