F1 2020

Red Bull opens state-of-the-art sim racing facility

The facility will be the home of the Red Bull Racing Esports team.

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Red Bull Racing Esports has announced the opening of its brand-new state-of-the-art simulator racing facility, designed to help build the talents and abilities of 12 team drivers, as well as ensuring Red Bull Racing Esports continues to develop.

Based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, the facility is part of the Red Bull Racing Technology Campus, and boasts the highest quality technology and equipment. Set to be the home of the Red Bull Racing Esports team, drivers training here will compete in major competitions, sometimes even from the facility.

As it stands, the facility currently features six F1 Esports Pro Series specification Playseats, bolstered by a variety of high-end peripherals. On top of this, the area will also sport a chillout space, fitted with a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, alongside several Playseat PUMA Gaming chairs.

While the facility doesn't currently hold a name, that part will be determined by one of the over 4000 fan submitted entries, and likely announced soon.

If you would like to check out the facility, there are opportunities to hire the space on a select number of days a year, although this will likely only come into effect when the pandemic slows down. Check out a few pictures of the facility below.

F1 2020
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