Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is offering 2x rewards on horse races

Posse setup fees are also temporarily being waived.

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Rockstar has released the latest weekly newsletter for Red Dead Online, and for this week doting outlaws can look forward to earning double rewards on all horse races amid some bonuses to creating / being part of a posse. Here's what you can look forward to.

Until March 30, all horse races will be offering twice the usual pay-out in RDO$ and XP, as part of the weekly featured series. Likewise, posse bonuses will be in effect, meaning you can get a nice deal on a stable slot (30% off) provided you play in a Posse at some point over the week, and all persistent posse fees are being waived, so make sure to get active with your outlaw pals while you can.

Similarly, until the next weekly reset, all horses, coats and ponchos, and bandoliers will be 30% off; horse equipment and saddles will be 50% off; and any Wilderness Outfitters offering including camp dogs and moonshine bar themes and the Cost of the Band expansion will be 40% off.

There are also Prime Gaming offerings once again available, including a free bounty hunter license and an award for the trimmed amethyst bounty wagon livery, so make sure to link your Rockstar and Amazon Prime accounts to net all these great bonuses.

Red Dead Online

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