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Registration for PUBG Mobile Lite Championship India opens August 24

A handsome figure of 5,00,000 INR is up for grabs when the tournament rolls into action.

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It has been recently revealed that The PUBG Mobile Lite Championship India will be opening its doors for registration on August 24. The competition is said to offer a sizable prize pool of 5,00,000 INR - and also as the reveal trailer puts it - " a shot at fame and fortune."

Besides the announcement date for sign-ups, there's little more that we know about the competition for the time being, however. We don't currently know when the tournament will be held, or what format it might take, but with sign-ups taking place so soon we would bet our money that we won't have to wait long before being showered with new details.

Is this one that you will be signing up for?

PUBG Mobile
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