Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Remake's links to Compilation of Final Fantasy VII revealed

It's not part of the compilation... but the compilation is part of it, somehow.

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Last week Gamereactor had the pleasure of interviewing game director Naoki Hamaguchi and game producer Yoshinori Kitase during the official Final Fantasy VII: Remake preview-presentation event held in Madrid by Koch Media and Square Enix. Thinking about the lore of the game and the expanded universe of the franchise, we asked Kitase-san, who directed the 1997 original and now is producing Remake, if this reimagined version could be considered part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII meta-series released between 2004 and 2009.

"The compilation of FF7 was a series of expansions to the world of FF7 that took place after the story of the main game," recalls the Japanese producer. "So we kind of consider that as having been completed now and FF7R is maybe a new start, it's a new thing, it's not really part of the compilation, this is how we viewed it."

However, even though it's not part of the meta-series, Remake does take all the additional material into consideration:

"Having said that though, even though FF7R represents kind of a new start for the universe as such," continues Kitase, "we have very much taken into account all of the extra additions to the world, and the story that we've put into the compilation games and movies, and they're all represented in the backdrop and in the background of the FF7 universe. So they're all worked in there and into the story somewhere".

How do you expect FFVIIR to expand game and franchise lore? Leave a comment below and don't forget to check out our final hands-on impressions with Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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