Remedy shares 15 minutes of Control: AWE gameplay

Check out the Alan Wake Experience in all its glory.

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Yesterday, Remedy lifted the lid on the upcoming expansion to Control, AWE, and in a 15-minute gameplay demo (which you can still watch over on Twitch) we got to see the new content in more detail.

The expansion has inspired a bunch of theories (including our own) and many of these were confirmed to be true in the gameplay reveal, with the worlds of Alan Wake and Control colliding with the writer from the 2010 original playing a key role in this now-connected universe.

The new expansion should add around four or five hours to the game, plus there's a new enemy (the Airborne Ranger) and a new light-based mechanic that Alan Wake players will be all too familiar with.

We can also expect a number of gameplay tweaks and additions via a free update, also due to land this month. Assist Mode lets players take control and modify the experience more than ever before, and there's also a Surge-form for your trusty sidearm that essentially fires sticky grenades. Nice!

Control: AWE is due to land on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 27 (unlike the last expansion, which hit the PS4 first). There's a next-gen version of the game coming too, although it's important to note that if you have the game already, an upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X is only available for those who pick up the incoming Ultimate Edition, a decision which hasn't proved universally popular.

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