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Remedy working to fix Quantum Break's issues on PC

The studio will release a new patch shortly.

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In a post published on its official forums, Remedy confirmed they're working hard on the PC version of Quantum Break, which has been plagued by many issues since the game was released on April 5.

In this post, the Finnish studio confirmed they will soon release a new patch that should improve game stability, reduce the number of crashes and generally optimise the technical side of the game.

Remedy is working closely with Microsoft to fix these issues and, from a previous analysis, it appears that most of these problems depend on the excessive fragmentation of RAM memory, which is not handled properly by this version of the game and by the operating system. The team also confirmed that it won't be adding multi-GPU support, because of the unique architecture of the graphics engine, which is unable to support more than one graphics card. Have you already read our review of the Xbox One version?

Quantum Break

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