Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Renegades and TyLoo are going to the Kraków Major qualifiers

Renegades won the final of the PGL Asia Minor in Beijing.

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The Detroit Renegades CS:GO team has taken victory at the PGL Asia Minor in Beijing, China, with the Australian roster marking their first offline event victory with a win in the grand final over China's TyLoo.

"As predicted, the event's competition was fiercer than it has even been in the region. A spurt of investment and experience has seen the rise of multiple squads easily capable of reaching the top spot and moving through to the next round in the lead up to the Krakow Major Qualifier," Renegades wrote. "For the Renegades though, the event meant much more to win; while top two guarantees a spot at the qualifier, obtaining the organisation's first crown became the motivation."

As they did earlier in the competition to TyLoo, Renegades were forced to come from behind, losing an early map to the Chinese teams, but they got equal and then forced overtime on Cobblestone. Justin 'jks' Savage then stepped up in overtime to ensure that they won the map 19-17.

Renegades fought hard throughout the competition, beating TyLoo once before as well as Team Immunity, even losing a match in their group to qualify second, but they stepped up when it mattered and both them and TyLoo will be going to the Kraków Major qualifiers between June 29 and July 3. Not only that, but Renegades won $30,000 USD for their victory too, with TyLoo getting $15,000.

Can both qualify for the Kraków Major?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Renegades

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