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Star Wars Battlefront II

Report: Ahsoka and Padme coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

Data miners have found plenty of evidence.

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It was just the other day we reported that General Grievous had been added to Star Wars Battlefront II. As usual, tech-savvy and die-hard fans has went through the code related to him (via Reddit), and thanks to that we can be pretty sure that both Ahsoka and Padme are coming to the game.

It turns out General Grievous has dialogue related to both those characters (44 lines with Ahsoka and 42 lines with Padme) and there are sound files where he even says their names. It would be a fairly strange thing to record this many lines and add to the game if there are no plans of adding the characters.

The next hero in line for Star Wars Battlefront II is Obi-Wan Kenobi who will be released this month. As EA has confirmed there is no new Battlefront game being released next year, it seems like they will be adding heroes and hopefully new maps for quite some time.

Star Wars Battlefront II

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