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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Report: ESL set to host a CS:GO Major in Rio De Janeiro this November

After a hiatus from the country due to Covid related travel difficulties, it looks like an IEM event will be coming back to South America this year.

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It looks like Rio De Janeiro will finally be getting to host a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major once again, after ESL decided to skip returning to South America for physical events over the past couple of seasons due to the Covid outbreak and the disruption it caused to global travel.

As revealed in a new report by Dexerto, it seems like ESL is in the process of creating plans for a Major, known at the moment as IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) Rio Major, which is set to take place between the dates of October 31 until November 13.

Obviously as none of this is official yet, we do have to treat the report with a bit of caution, but this does come after ESL previously revealed that it has been in discussions with Valve about considering a return to Rio in 2022, as part of the initial 2022 Pro League schedule announcement.

Rio was supposed to host a CS:GO Major back in May 2020 initially, but this was delayed to November 2020 due to the pandemic, before it was ultimately cancelled in its entirety due to conditions not exactly getting any better.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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