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Super Mario Party

Report: Joy-Con support and online modes in Mario Party 11

Fresh rumours about the Switch debut for the series.

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Last week we reported about a rumor from the Nintendo insider Marcus Sellars, who on Twitter claimed a new Mario Party game was under development. Now the very same person has revealed a ton of stuff that he claims will be in this yet unannounced game.

Even if Sellars has a decent track record för leaks and rumours, we recommend that you take all this with a full cup of salt. The rumours all comes from Sellars' Twitter account and was gathered by My Nintendo News:

• Split Joy-Con Support
• Local play up to 4 switches

Online Modes:
• Leaderboards got minigames
• Party Matches (Random minigames for fun)
• Ranked Matches (if you win your rank goes up and if you lose it goes down)

Level System:
• Inspired by Mario Party Star Rush
• Partypoints are back and act as XP
• Most efficient way of earing Party Points is through online matches
• By levelling up you get to unlock new characters, minigames and smaller modes

• 1080p 30fps docked
• 720p 30fps hand-held Details:
• Local multiplayer is going to be pushed heavily as it supports split Joy-Con
• Minigames will make use of all the features the NintendoSwitch has to offer (e.g. HD rumble and the IR pointer)

Other details
• Menu and UI to feature touchscreen support in hand-held
• 10 characters will be available from the start with 4 unlockable ones
• Gameplay still relies heavily on luck as it's an ND cube game. The game is still in development so resolution could change

• Story Mode will feature bosses
• Boss mode will feature bosses from the story mode but with added characters and other tweaks

Nd Cube has gotten a lot of criticism for their five games in the series (Mario Party 9 and 10, Mario Party: Island Tour, Mario Party: Star Rush, Mario Party: The Top 100) and the cart that has been used in favour of the traditional board game structure of Mario Party 1-8 belongs to the least liked additions to the series. If this turns out to be correct, it looks like all of those who are hoping for a more traditional Mario Party game are out of luck.

Super Mario Party

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