Report: sinatraa signs for NRG, earning $150,000 USD a year

The team had to battle with Cloud9 for the signature.

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Jay 'sinatraa' Won is one of the most gifted players in Overwatch esports, and now a report from ESPN indicates that he has just signed a contract with NRG Esports to join their team, and this contract will mean he earns $150,000 USD a year.

According to the reporting, this comes after a dispute between NRG and Cloud9 over the player, with the battle resulting in a bidding war. Ultimately, though, sinatraa and his mother signed the contract with NRG, his mother being required because he's a minor.

If this report is true then the player will be joining his former coach Brad Rajani, who he was with at Selfless until it disbanded on July 7. Is this a great signing for NRG, if true?

Photo: Blizzard

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