Report: Super Mario remasters and Paper Mario are on the way

According to a new report over on VGC, there could be some big Mario-themed releases coming to Nintendo Switch this year as Nintendo prepares to celebrate the big man's birthday.

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While either a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey or a brand-new Super Mario game from Nintendo EAD Tokyo were expected to release this year (or in 2021 at the latest), there are a couple of classic Mario remakes or remasters that have been rumoured since the console released three years ago. We're specifically talking about Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy 1+2, which along with Super Mario 3D World is one of the few Wii U first-party titles yet to release on the hybrid system.

Now, however, it seems that it's not only those highly-expected HD ports that could hit the console soon but also a number of the moustachioed-Jumpman's classics might make it over, too.

That's the plan according to some intel gathered by VGC, which claims that "several sources" have confirmed that Nintendo is currently preparing for the so-called Super Mario 35th Anniversary celebrations, an event that should include the re-release of multiple titles from Mario's back catalogue ("most of it", apparently), remastered for the Nintendo Switch.

The original idea, according to those sources, was to hold an event during E3 in Los Angeles to make a united impact, but with E3 2020 cancelled as we know it, and with its current redesign intended to turn it into an online event, Nintendo might well join in... or organise one of their own, as they're used to doing.

Report: Super Mario remasters and Paper Mario are on the way

A new Paper Mario for the Switch

But that's not all, and the icing on the cake could be the release of a new instalment in the Paper Mario RPG series by Intelligent Systems, now that the studio can take a little break from Fire Emblem.

These announcements, if/when they occur, would join those related to Nintendo's partnership with Universal, which includes Super Nintendo World theme parks (the first one is set to open its doors in Japan this summer, COVID-19-allowing) and the Super Mario animated movie by Illumination.

Of course, the barrage of Mario-related news and games might have started already with LEGO Super Mario, a series of NFC toys that was introduced earlier this month, on MAR10 Day.

So, keeping in mind that it's not April Fool's time until a few hours from now, and while there's no official confirmation so far, are you jumping with joy already? Which games would you like to see remastered or remade for the Switch?

Below here's a list of every "main" Super Mario game released since 1985. Don't ask us why Yoshi's Island was omitted...

Report: Super Mario remasters and Paper Mario are on the way
Photo: Nintendo

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